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Sand and Refinish Existing Wood Floors

Have existing wood floors in your home? Scratches, wear from traffic, discoloration from the sun can cause hardwood floors to look dull and beat up as the years go on. Dayton Hardwood Co. will restore your wood floors to their original beauty. 

Repair Damaged Wood Floors

Sometimes wood floors can suffer from cracks and gaps, scratches, stains, termite damage or warping from water exposure. Dayton Hardwood Co. will help diagnose and can offer repair solutions to any damage your flooring may have suffered. 

Install New Wood Floors

There are many different reasons to get hardwood floors. Aesthetics is likely the first thing that comes to mind. Nothing can beat the natural beauty that a wood floor can bring to your home. Looks aside wood floors have the advantage over other flooring options because they are durable and wear well. Wood floors can go in any room including bathrooms and basements. Hardwood is extremely easy to clean and care for and it doesn't trap dust and allergens. The fact that hardwood flooring can be refinished multiple times to fit the homeowners wants and needs also makes it a top contender for best flooring option . One of the very best reasons to have hardwood flooring is that it adds VALUE to your home.

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