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Yes, I do charge money for insurance related estimates

Insurance Estimates- Dayton Hardwood Co.

There’s unfortunately a lot of floors out there that look like this. Thankfully we have homeowners and business insurance policies that usually help cover some repair costs associated with water damage.

An unfortunate side of this is that sometimes folks need a contractor to write a quote for them to get insurance money when they never really intend on hiring the contractor for their services. I could make a whole career of providing this estimating service to folks for free but I decided that’s not a great move.

So instead I charge $250 for an insurance-related estimate. And then if I’m lucky enough to be hired for the job I apply that money spent as a credit towards the invoice for their work. This limits the amount of insurance jobs I deal with in the first place and puts stake in the game for all parties involved. And who doesn’t like playing games at steak parties?

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