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Why I Recommend Wood Flooring over Carpet

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Carpet can look really nice and certainly has its benefits like “hiding” dirt, a warm and cozy feeling to walk on, sometimes it has lower costs and again.... "hiding" dirt. But one negative fact that is universally indisputable is that after it's been lived on awhile it becomes gross. That’s a very general term but describes it very well in my opinion.

I remove a lot of carpet as a wood flooring contractor so from the underside of things that I see during removal I get to see/SMELL/feel the padding and subfloor that it’s hiding and EVEN in the cleanest most luxurious homes its almost always gross. There is a varying degree based on a lot of factors such as age, pets, kids, stains, etc. Unfortunately, you can never escape the effects of gravity and damage that liquid contamination can invite.

One of my families favorite parts about living on one continuous hardwood floor throughout the entire home is how easily it can be cleaned. The same vacuum and spray mop can be used everywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom. The mess is on the hard surface of the floor and can be seen and cleaned/disinfected easily whereas sometimes carpet can disguise things, again making a mess underneath that you might not know about for a while but can affect the air and living quality of your home.

If you are considering a new floor for some or all of your home I would recommend ditching all of the carpet and investing in a natural hard surface throughout like solid or engineered hardwood to give your home and family an American made, eco friendly, sustainable floor that will last for decades when cared for properly. Thanks for reading and if you need help deciding on what wood is best for you or have any questions about your new or existing wood floor feel free to comment here or fill out a contact form here on the website.

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