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I wanted to take a minute to talk about using wood filler on hardwood flooring installs or refinishes. I’ve tried many different brands and styles over the last few years. Basically all of them that are currently available on the shelves at the big box stores are not good for wood floors. There are some great ones for painted wood but that’s a whole different subject. The reason for this quick post is to talk about TimberMate.

TimberMate is a water-based interior wood filler that is the best spot filler I’ve found for wood flooring. It fills really well and almost never shrinks or cracks. It dries very quickly so it can be sanded relatively soon after application. It comes in a pretty wide variety of different colors for the myriad of wood species out there and most importantly it takes stain and finish really well. This isn’t a sponsored ad in any way and I definitely wouldn’t take the time to write this if I didn’t truly think this stuff was awesome. As far as I know it’s only available at Woodcraft and on amazon.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on the subject and please also let me know if you have found something even better than this product. Thanks for taking the time to read as always and feel free to share this.

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