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Reclaimed Wood Countertop- White Oak and Red Oak

reclaimed wood countertop

For our new kitchen remodel wood felt like the only option when it came to the countertops. Not only is wood my favorite media but it just seemed the most cost efficient and quilty option for us. Wood does require maintenance over time but who better to have wood countertops than your favorite hardwood flooring guy?

The material we chose is reclaimed white and red oak barn wood from this part of Ohio. We believe that the wood is over 100 years old. How cool is that? We purchased the reclaimed barn wood from our friends at Tuscarora Wood Midwest. We used a Biscuit Joiner and wood glue (which is stronger than screws) to secure the boards

Originally we planned on mitering the corner but we decided that the weaved corner would look a lot better. Plus we are going to have herringbone wood floors so the weaved corner will compliment those perfectly. We willl be finishing the countertop with magic oil and cutting out an opening for an undercount sink.

Updates will be posted when completed but for now here is a look at the building process of this awesome (if I do say so myself) reclaimed wood countertop.

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