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New Couple Alert!!! Wood Floor Cleaning pt.2

o-Cedar and Squeaky: Dayton Hardwood Co.

That's right you heard it here first folks. Basic Coatings Squeaky Concentrate and The O-Cedar Spin mop have been spotted holding hands and working closely with one another at the home of Dayton Hardwood Co.

It is no secret that the O-Cedar original spin mop is a favorite amongst the public. Cleaning professionals and Hardwood flooring professionals alike rave about the simple design and function of this spin mop. Our kids even love getting in the action of mopping because it's so much fun!

What do we love about it? That's easy. The microfiber mop head effectively removes dirt, grime and 99% of bacteria with JUST WATER. The mop head is triangle shaped so it get into those corners and easily pops off so you can wash and reuse it. The best part of this mop system has to be the bucket. The hands-free wringing system is extremely easy and fun to use. We recommend pumping the foot peddle about 10x's to get it to the perfect wetness to safely clean hardwood floors. It's a blast!

Although you can get a clean floor with just the o-Cedar microfiber mop head, sometimes things get really dirty and you need a cleaning solution. This is where Basic Coatings Squeaky Concentrate comes into play. Squeaky Concentrate is recommended for routine maintenance and cleaning of hardwood flooring. Squeaky does not leave any residues a matter of fact it is effective at removing residue left by other cleaners.

We think spray mops are wonderful and convenient but sometimes people (and Dayton Hardwood Co.) like to get old school and take out the mop bucket to clean their dirty floors. We believe that this new power couple is a great and effective way to get the job done.

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