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Metal Fence Posts- Fence pt.1

Metal Fence Posts

It's no secret that we have moved quite a few times in the past 10 years. It also seems like with each new house it is an instant requirement to build a fence around the yard to contain our furry friends. Since we feel like this house might be "the one" and we are not moving from it anytime soon, we really want to make sure this fence will last us a long time. So with this fence decided to use metal posts. We considered cedar at first but quickly changed when we realized the posts of the old fence were rotten probably due the pitch of the yard and water draining right into the fence line. We picked up these 8 foot metal posts at Menards. They are similar to what road signs are attached to.

Some of the benefits of these metal posts are:

  • Engineered to provide the longevity of steel for all designs of wood and composite fencing

  • They are protected from rotting, rusting, and becoming bug or termite infested

  • Patented design allows for a continuous top rail, which adds strength and prevents fence sections from sagging

  • Black powder-coated finish contrasts with fence for an aesthetically pleasing fence line

  • Withstands sustained high winds

  • Wide side flange provides a larger grip area for added fence strength

We also decided to use a 2 component foam to set the posts instead of quick crete. Some of the key features of this foam include:

  • Light weight and convenient

  • No water required

  • Mix in 30 sec

  • Sets in 5 minutes

  • Build in 30 minutes

  • Works with most posts types (wood, metal, vinyl, plastic)

  • Water resistant when fully cured

  • Can be used in below freezing temperatures

So far we are really happy with how strong and secure the fence posts seem. I will update you should that change.

Stay tuned for pt. 2 of this fence project. We are going to finish cedar pickets with an interesting technique… Any Guesses what that technique might be?

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