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Main Level on Brydon Road

This is a repair and refinish job at an 80 year old home in Kettering, Ohio right in the backyard of Oakwood on Brydon Road. The wood I refinished on the main level in the living room, dining room and kitchen are all original to the house. The living room and dining room were both red oak with southern yellow heart pine in the kitchen. This is very common in these older homes in the area as the pine was intended to be covered up with a vinyl or linoleum product from day one.

There was a wall removed at some point in the homes history leaving a missing spot and really rough area between where the pine and oak transition so that’s where I started. I used a tracksaw to cut straight lines on either side of the repair area, removed all of the old flooring, cleaned the subfloor (45 degree 1x8 pine), then glued a perpendicular row of oak and a new row oak pine in to match both floors. This dried over night and then I sanded it with the Lagler Flip edger the next day and filled it some of the nail holes and gaps with Berger Seidel Pafuki powder filler.

I sanded the entire floor with the Lagler Hummel using 60 and 80 grit Norton Blaze belts, edged the floor twice with the same sandpaper on the Lagler flip then finished it off with 80 grit Norton Meshpower on the multidisc attachment on the American Sanders RS16 buffer/sander machine.

The floor was then waterpopped and stained with a custom mix of Berger Seidel’s new Express stain. I tried out some of Bergers new water based primer technology on this job too. It’s a hardener called Turbo that mixes into their Exobloc primer allowing you to coat over their express stain in just two hours. Normally I’d be waiting overnight. Since I stained on Saturday morning I was ready to get this job done so I pushed it to the limits. I was a little worried because the smell was still really strong from the stain but the sealer worked fantastic.

I then coated with floor with 2 coats of Bergers CeramicStar satin with some inter coat abrasion between. That gives this homeowner a commercially rated finish that will last for years to come and cures in just 12 hours so by the time the other contractors came into the home on Monday to work on the rest of the remodel there was no worries because the floor was fully serviceable.

Please take a look at the before and after videos and photos along with with links to some of the products I used on this project. Thanks for taking the time to read and please comment with any questions about this one!

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