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Maiden Voyage

The official maiden voyage for my new favorite tool. This is a @laglerna Trio floor sander in all it’s glory.

“The TRIO is the versatile and powerful floor sanding machine in floor finishing. From thorough sub-floor treatment via renovation work on pre-finished parquet floors to perfect fine and intermediate sanding, the three disc sanding machine covers a comprehensive spectrum. The powerful motor has been optimally designed for both the heavy-duty and/or sensitive requirements of these areas of application. The integrated, sensor-monitored dust extractor and well thought-out filter system guarantee almost dust-free work. Disposal of the dust bag is also dust-free. Basic equipment ex factory: Universal sanding disc and additional 8 kg weight.”

I’ve been using rented (junk) sanders for the past 4 years and this is the first floor that’s been done without the use of anyone’s else’s tools. Needless to say that in itself is a great feeling. But what makes it feel even better is the fact this is also the best floor refinish I have ever done. Cheers to many more of these successful jobs in the future. Still have a few more machines to acquire but this was an excellent choice for number one. The next one will be a belt style floor sander. There are two different models I’m looking at at the moment. Lagler offers the Hummel and American Sanders has the FloorCrafter.

“The American Sanders FloorCrafter upholds a long tradition of providing precision instruments to a craftsman’s trade. The FloorCrafter, engineered to be the most aggressive belt machine in the industry, was also designed to provide reduced vibration. Its cutting ability allows the hardwood sanding professional the ability to increase production while achieving perfect results. With the patented Dolly Transport system, the FloorCrafter is truly a unique and innovative approach to hardwood floor sanding.”

“The Hummel belt sanding machine is the best-known floor sanding machine in the world, with thousands of models in use across the globe. Mature, long-life technology for perfect sanding quality and enormous machine power have made it the undisputed number one system for parquet floor finishing for decades. The combination of an aggressive sanding drum, three-stage drum pressure regulation and belt tensioning device with integrated automatically regulated belt guidance guarantees quick work and optimum sanding quality.”

If you’ve got any experience with either machine please let me know in the comments below and thanks for taking the time to read!

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