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I recently tried a new product line for floor finishes and it’s quickly becoming my favorite. The manufacturer is called Loba-Wakol. “Loba and Wakol are leading suppliers for adhesives and finishes within the flooring industry with innovative solutions and systems from the subfloor to the finished floor. Our connected systems program develops products and solutions with absolute compatibility from start to finish.”

I used two different products on a recent hardwood floor refinish and liked them both. The first product I used was the Loba Alcohol stain. The stain applied like traditional oil-based stain with the rag-on rag-off method and gave a very dark and rich color to the floor. Also this was my first time ever water-popping (will write a separate blog post on this topic) a floor which may have helped on that front.

After allowing the alcohol stain to dry overnight I came back the next day to apply topcoat. I chose Loba Easy Finish for this process. This is where I really fell in love. You couldn’t ask for a more user-friendly product. It’s single component so you don’t have to worry about over/under mixing or waiting around on slake time. And it simply rolls on the floor using one of Loba’s microfiber roller covers on a standard 9” roller frame. The application is super easy but whats very impressive is how well it levels out. You can literally roll this product in any direction you want and you’ll never see any roller marks, lap marks, or anything like that.

The durability after cure time is very impressive and my favorite part of all is that this product is 0 VOCs or volatile organic compounds. This means it’s very safe for the installer and most importantly won’t off-gas over time like traditional petroleum based polyurethane products do. This means a much safer and earth friendly product for your family to enjoy for years to come.

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