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Hey Guys, Welcome to my Youtube Channel!

Dayton Hardwood Co. YouTube

When I started my business more than 8 years ago I quickly realized that social media was necessary in helping the community know who I was, what I did and more importantly that I was there and available to work on their construction projects. Enter Facebook and Instagram. Facebook was slightly helpful in gaining business and customers in the beginning but ultimately it sucked my soul away every time I logged on and I barely touch that page anymore. Instagram on the other hand seemed like the best way to share PHOTOS (remember those days) of my current projects and showcase exactly what my business was. SLLLLOOOOWLY I built a following and the brand Dayton Hardwood Co. With help from the hardwood flooring community on instagram I have made friends, some enemies and a reputation as a skilled tradesman. I have been able to travel, get an amazing education, and write articles for a nationwide magazine all in the name of hardwood flooring. My instagram account is and always will be one of my favorite tools in running a successful business. Recently I have been dabbling in YouTube. I've tried this a few times throughout my career but now that the platform has brought on YouTube shorts I figured I would give it a decent try and I'm having a blast. My page is called Woodfloorgasm which is super silly and offensive but since a lot of the tools and supplies that are used in hardwood flooring have innuendo names I thought the name Woodfloorgasm seemed to match well. Please go check it out. I think it's funny maybe you will too.

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