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Gifts from your Favorite Hardwood Flooring Guy- Pt. 2

Updated: May 26, 2023

Did you know that you DO NOT have to be a Dayton Hardwood Co. customer to get gifts from us? One of my very favorite things to do is to surprise Dayton Hardwood Co fans with a personalized gift from us. If you refer your friends or relatives to Dayton Hardwood Co. and we find out about it we are going shopping FOR YOU! These referrals keep our small business running and we feel it should be rewarded. Here is a list of some of the gifts we love give to our fans to let them know how much we appreciate their "word-of-mouth" about our work. We have been gifting since we started this business and have had some amazing feedback. Our fans love it almost as much as we love them. So keep referring us and we will keep letting you know how much we truly appreciate you. That's right no Purchase Necessary!

Gift Cards to our Favorite Places

Dorthy Lane Market- Chances are that if you live in Oakwood Ohio you shop at DLM often and with good reason. It's the greatest grocery store of all time. The bakery is undeniably the best in Dayton (The Bread!!!), the meat selection is top notch and their produce is breathtakingly beautiful. If you shop at Dorthy Lane Market you also know that it comes with a steep price-tag. I'm not saying it isn't worth it, I'm just saying it's high. I feel like everyone I know (in Oakwood) has a story about paying a ridiculous amount of $ unknowingly on a piece of fruit. So to help with your Oakwood Fruit budget we love to give the gift of Dorthy Lane Market. - PRO TIP: Check out the comment cards by the Coffee Stand. They Are LOL funny at times and a true gift to the community.

The Oakwood Club- We LOVE the Oakwood club and we think you will too. It is truly like stepping back in time while enjoying a good meal. It's elegant and quiet, makes the perfect date night which makes it an ideal gift for the people we care about.

Our out of town Referrers (is that even a word?) we like to do our homework by researching nice restaurants in the area they live in.

Dayton Hardwood Co. Yeti Rambler with Magslider lid

I know Stanley is having a moment but I can assure you that the Yeti coffee mug in Dayton Hardwood Co. Green is the only way to enjoy your coffee. You might be seeing these around town more often since we just placed a large order for them. I think they're pretty awesome and we feel that you will too. Plus YETI is an Austin TX Brand and y'all know how we feel about Austin TX.

People's Choice Beef Jerky

IYKYK People's Choice beef jerky is often times my lunch on busy days when I can't get away for a bite to eat. They have a Test Kitchen where they try out some fun flavors but My personal fav is the spicy. You can subscribe and save on their website and also earn rewards. I shop there so often you can bet that I am walking around in People's Choice Swag. It's No Junk, No fillers, Just Awesome beef jerky.

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