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De-gloving and RECON Rings

Trigger (finger) warning: De-gloving as defined by WebMD is what happens when a large piece of skin and the layer of soft tissue right under it partially or completely rip from your body. I’ll spare you the link to a google image search but suffice to say its even more gnarly than it sounds. For those of you that work with our hands using tools, especially heavy or light machinery you may have already heard of this in the past. One of the most common de-gloving occurrences is with metal wedding bands. That’s right. If your metal ring gets caught on something or between two somethings while it’s in it’s regularly worn position and your body moves in the opposite direction unfortunately your skin is going to lose the tug of war match with the metal every single time.

After discovering this fact and then going down an image search rabbit hole I decided it was time to retire my tungsten-carbide wedding band. I started looking into other options and quickly found a lot of different silicone ring manufacturers. This seemed like the best choice for a lot of reasons but mostly because of how they will stretch and ultimately snap long before your finger is in jeopardy should you lose the de-gloving lottery.

I searched into more of the companies that make these rings and one really stood out to me. That company is RECON Rings. They got my attention because they are veterans and make their products in America. Also they are a small operation with fantastic customer service. Not to mention the large selection of high quality rings they offer for both men and woman. I ordered 2 rings my first time and have upped the quantity on each order ever since. At this point I’ve got almost every color they offer and still haven’t spent as much money as I did on my one original wedding ring.

My favorite part of these rings though is the fact that I can install/sand/finish my hardwood floors here in New Braunfels, Texas with the peace of mind knowing when I inevitably get into a “pinch” of sorts with my hands and tools I’ll only be out a twenty dollar ring instead of an irreplaceable glove of skin.

If you are interested in protecting yourself from the dreaded de-glove or just want a cool colorful ring that supports American made, veteran owned small business I highly suggest you check out RECON Rings. And if you want to buy something try the coupon code “FlatFloors” for 10% off on whatever you purchase. Thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to comment below or ask any questions you might have.

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