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Change your Furnace Filter.

Do you know what your furnace filter looks like? Most of the time when I ask homeowners this question unfortunately the answer is “no” along with a look of shame. Furnace filters are the first line of defense for your furnace unit and for clean air in your home. Anytime there is construction or remolding going on at your home you should plan to change it often (even when the contractors are using dust extraction equipment like Dayton Hardwood Co).

An easy suggestion that I offer to folks, or sometimes do it for them myself if the home is vacant, is to get 2 filters. One to change immediately since it’s probably already been neglected for who knows how long and the other to install after remodeling is complete. I personally recommend the website but most box stores, hardware stores and sometimes even grocery stores will have your size in stock. How often do you change your own filters? Let me know!

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