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Carbide vs. Steel Scrapers

Carbide Scraper

As a hardwood flooring expert, I have seen firsthand the difference that using carbide blade scraping tools can make in the quality of a finished floor. At Dayton Hardwood Co in Oakwood, Ohio, we have made the switch to carbide blades and haven't looked back. Here are just a few of the advantages that we've found:

First and foremost, carbide blades stay sharp for a much longer period of time than steel blades. This is because the blade actually fractures over time, creating a new sharp edge much like ceramic sandpaper. In contrast, steel blades simply dull more and more over time, resulting in inferior performance and requiring much more frequent sharpening.

Another key advantage of carbide blades is that they don't require sharpening at all. With steel blades, sharpening is a regular part of maintenance, and it can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Plus, sharpening steel blades can create steel fragments that can cause trouble with the finish if they get on the raw wood. With carbide blades, you simply replace the blade when it gets dull, eliminating the need for sharpening and the risk of steel fragments.

In addition to these advantages, we've also found that carbide blades simply perform better than steel blades. They are more effective at removing old finishes and adhesive residue, resulting in a smoother surface and better adhesion for the new finish. Plus, they are less likely to cause damage to the wood underneath, reducing the risk of costly repairs.

Overall, we have been extremely pleased with the performance of carbide blade scraping tools, and we would highly recommend them to anyone in the hardwood flooring industry. At Dayton Hardwood Co, we believe that using the best tools and techniques is essential to achieving the highest quality results, and carbide blades are just one example of how we are constantly striving to improve our craft.

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