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Recommended Wood Floor Maintenance 

Wood Floor Installation

Daily- Sweep

Dirt, dust and debris is abrasive and will wear away the finish on wood floors. Use a broom or dust mop daily to minimize damage 

Wood flooring installer

Monthly- Mop

Every Dayton Hardwood Co. customer is provided a spray mop with cleaner and a microfiber. This will help maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your floors. (Always vacuum before mopping)

Refinished wood flooring

Decades- Sand and Refinish 

No floors last forever so after a few decades of wear and tear it's time to refinish. 

Beech Flooring, Oakwood Ohio

Weekly- Vacuum

Take it one step further to help protect your floors and vacuum one or more times a week.

Wood floor refinish

3-5 years- Recoat

Once floors start losing their luster, Just schedule a simple buff and recoat. This is a great way to extend the life of your finished floors. 

Dayton Hardwood Co. New Braunfels Texas

Wood Flooring Contractor

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