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Our Finishes

Custom Color Floor Finishes Sample

There are two main types of finish that we like to use on hardwood floors.  Waterborne film-forming, and penetrating oil.  The waterborne film-forming finish (often referred to as polyurethane) is what most consider a “traditional” style hardwood floor.  It usually has some sheen (matte to gloss) and leaves a "plastic coating feel" on the surface of the floor.  These floors can be any variation of color giving you endless options for your finished floor. Penetrating oil finishes are less common but are growing in popularity every year.  These finishes soak into the pores of the wood along with a hardener to protect from within versus sitting on top like the film finish. It leaves the floor with a more raw untreated look with low sheen.  Both options are very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and are fully cured within a few days and sometimes as little as 12 hours!  

Wood Flooring Contractor Family

The Wood 


As a specialized hardwood flooring contractor and craftsman, we can customize your space with any variety of wood species, wood grade and widths. We get wood from Mills all over the country to tailor to the homeowners specific needs. 

Beech Flooring, Oakwood Ohio

Meet Ian 

Owner, Dayton Hardwood Co

After years of experience in the machining industry much of my knowledge carried over into construction. In 2013  I was given the opportunity to manage a complete residential rehab. I realized then, that my career path was in construction. Soon after I began my new career, I discovered my passion was hardwood flooring and carpentry and I have since been dedicated to learn and perfect my skills. The hardwood flooring industry is always changing and it is my priority to stay up to date on the newest and best technology of the trade. 


Photo Courtesy of : Jamie Poe Photography

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